How many times has ONERUN occurred?

2015 will mark our fourth year! 2010, 2011, and 2014 were all run years as well.

Were all the starts in Sarnia?

In 2010, ONERUN started in London and finished in Sarnia.
In 2011, ONERUN started in Sarnia and finished at GoodLife’s location on Adelaide St. in London.
In 2014, ONERUN started at the Sarnia Police Station and finished at John Paul II on Oxford St. in London.

How much money has been raised?

2010 approx. $180,000
2011 approx. $200,000
2014 approx. $155,000

Where does this money or donations go?

In 2010, ONERUN’s donations went to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2011, ONERUN’s donations went to London’s Health Sciences Foundation and the Pamela Greenaway Kohlmeier Translational Research Unit.

2014, all monies raised stayed in London and the southwestern Ontario region. Proceeds from ONERUN 2014 targeted:

  • The London Regional Cancer Patient Assistance Program
  • The Breast Care Clinical Research and Tumour Biobank at the Lawson Health Research Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital
  • The ONERUN Education Program

We will continue to support these wonderful charities in 2015!

How much training is required for Theresa to complete this 100K?

Theresa continues to build on her runs and will average between 120 km/week to 140 km/week. Three weeks before the run she will peak in her weekend runs of between 40 km and 50 km.

How many more ONERUN events will be happening?

ONERUN holds a number of events to support the run throughout the year. Check out our events page for upcoming events!

What is a virtual runner?

A virtual runner is a way to support raising funds for ONERUN. A virtual runner will run, bike, swim or walk 100 km anytime from April until June. This is symbolic of Theresa’s one day 100 km run. When you decide to participate you can then gather pledges, and if you raise enough money you will earn a kilometre to run with Theresa

What changed for the third ONERUN event?

The greatest addition to the event is public participation in each of the kilometres along the 100 km route. 2014's theme "running for your someone" was born through a desire to involve the community further in raising awareness about breast cancer.

Who are the ‘runners’ running with Theresa?

The runners are members of the public who have raised the requisite amount of funds to run alongside Theresa "for their someone" or for support of the cause in general.

Who is Theresa Carriere, and how did this event get started?

Theresa Carriere, a mother of four, fitness instructor, coach, runner and breast cancer survivor, was compelled to address the need for further breast cancer research and awareness in our community. She created ONERUN, “ONE survivor, ONE day, ONE hundred kms” which developed into a unique initiative fueled by a dynamic organizing team and supported by a community of thousands.

In what other ways has ONERUN been involved with the community?

ONERUN has provided education through the school boards that bring an understanding and knowledge of what breast cancer is and how important fundraising and community work is. We have now branched out into a curriculum that can be used for teaching within the schools.

How many teams or people have been involved in ONERUN?

The event is entirely volunteer based. It is difficult to be precise as there have been hundreds involved throughout the community, including students and staff from many schools, ONERUN volunteers, and the ONERUN core team. The direct volunteer team is about 100 dedicated individuals giving a significant amount of their time and resources to ONERUN.

Is weather or construction a concern for this event?

Yes. Weather is not under anyone’s control, but fortunately in the past we have had great weather for this event. Weather is a major consideration for Theresa en route. She will be monitored by a physician and a massage therapist who will be watching for effects of any high temperatures and muscle fatigue.

For construction, we review road information prior to the event and try to reroute or avoid if possible.
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