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A Message From Theresa

The ONERUN Spirit lives on, raising $60,290 in 2016 for a total of $809,290 over five years
ONERUN 2016 took a different form this year and did not disappoint. Here’s what happened:

John Paul II raised $46,635 this year, bringing a total of $191,635 since 2010.

On Friday, May 20, the track at JP II high school was filled with great energy, as over 1000 staff and students ran, walked, and skipped laps. In each team's quest to complete 100kms of their own, money was raised to support cancer patient programs for London Hospitals. This year, JP II extended the invitation to schools across the city and were joined by staff and students from Western, Fanshawe, Parkhill, Oakridge, Clarke Rd, St Andre Bessett, and Catholic Central High School. In total,

It was truly an inspiring event. I was moved to tears as I witnessed the enthusiasm and determination of each and every one of the kids who participated. Justin Tiseo and his team did it again! Thank you Ms Ryan and her Leadership students for the fun activities organized throughout the day as well. John Paul II ONERUN motivated a team from Byron's St Theresa's School as a group of students ran 15kms across the city to join the fun. Watching those young girls, grades 2 - 6, red-faced from the heat and their effort, left me speechless. As they took their final lap, supported by the cheers of the older students, smiles beamed. What a very proud moment for me to see the youth of this community join together in the fight against cancer. Sorry if you missed it because it was a moment I wish everyone could have experienced. Thank you Emma Pais and her team of warriors, Kiera, Sarah, Claire, Kelly, Janey, Ceilidh, Jenna To see the big reveal and understand what this means to so many, check out the reveal video.

St. Mark’s Elementary School raised an additional $655
On Tuesday, May 24, St Mark's Elementary School had their own ONERUN event to show support and to fundraise themselves. From JK to grade 8, students made their way around the school yard to complete laps of their own. I smile as I type this to you. To see those young ones work so hard was adorable. Never too early to teach our children the importance of helping others! I had a moment to talk with 4 year old, Piper. She explained that she was running for her brother who was sick. He didn't have cancer but she wanted to run for him anyway because he wasn't feeling well. So cute, right? I would like to thank Sam Cowan, the St Mark's Girls' Leadership team and staff, Mrs Boughner and Ms. Milotic for all their hard work in organizing such a successful fundraiser.

ONERUN Martini Night raises $13,000
ONERUN continued the magic with a very successful Martini Night on May 27. Louise and Peter McConnell opened their beautiful home once again to host an awesome event. The evening brought together many of our ONERUN friends and family. A perfect night of sharing ONERUN memories and to remind all just how important our efforts are in helping so many families through their cancer journey.

Thank you to the many volunteers who worked hard all evening to make it wonderful!, including our talented auctioneer, Albert Brule. Again, our sponsors generously donated items for our auction and helped us raise funds to support the programs that assist cancer patients. Whether you bought a wig, or managed to take the jag for the weekend, your contribution will make a difference to those battling this disease.

A special thanks to Mayor Matt who witnessed the students take the torch at JPII and for some very special words at Martini Night. Your unwavering support is a great example for us to follow. And to those at St. Joseph’s Health Care and London Health Sciences Centre– your commitment to patient care, research and education does not go unnoticed. We are super pumped for the Breast Care Conference, sponsored by ONERU in October, where for the first time, patients and doctors come together in attendance.

ONERUN is and will always be more than a Cancer Fundraiser. ONERUN is an opportunity for us to experience countless moments of selflessness, generosity and kindness. For my family, the ONERUN team, our supporters, and so many cancer patients, ONERUN has been a true blessing.

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Thank you all for giving this community such a gift.
Forever grateful.