Your someONE
Everyone knows someone who’s been affected by cancer. And everyone who runs a ONERUN KM is running for their someONE; these are just some of their stories.

KM # Runner Their someONE Story/Photo
KM 1 Christopher Rocca Carrie Cicchelli
KM 3Michael RoccaAda Adamo 
KM 5Bill CarriereTheresa Carriere 
KM 8Alicia and Vicky Racine  
KM 9Kathleen Thorburn (T’s niece from SSM)Kathleen Thorburn – grandmother
I am running in memory of my grandmother Kathleen Thorburn.
KM 10Connie ColizzaRita Celetti
I am running for my dad but also for his brother Vince, sisters Vicki and Gloria.
KM 11Sam ColizzaAuntie Tee  
KM 12Gloria DennenyJanis Stadnyk  
KM 13Maureen HaganNatalie Baker and Ann Crowley
Mo Hagan is running KM#13 for Natalie Baker, who was a tremendous joy at GoodLife and Ann Crowley. "They both represent courage and bravery and fought hard and left us with so much to hope for." This is Natalie.
KM 14Emma Pais (age 9)Future breast cancer fighters
Hi my name is Emma Pais. I am 9 years old and in Grade 4 at St. Theresa. I was inspired by a presentation by Theresa at my school to help ONERUN by running a mini-ONERUN across London. On May 29th I ran from St. Theresa to John Paul II - approximately 15 km. My goal is to raise $1000.
Too many people I love have been hurt by cancer. I am running and fundraising to help all the future breast cancer fighters.
KM 15Lise Carriere Boulianne - ownerJosé Sigouin-Racicot
My someone is my best friend's sister, José Sigouin-Racicot, an exceptional mother, wife and teacher, who passed away 3 years ago now at the age of 39. She left behind 2 adorable kids, Alexya, 11, Pierre, 9 and her loving husband. I had known José since she was a baby because she was 14 years younger than we were. She was an absolute gem and a fighter until the end. I saw her just 2 months before she passed and she showed no signs, nor did she let on that the end was near. She always smiled and loved to laugh!! While we were visiting, the subject of waiting at a red light came up because one particular intersection in Kapuskasing always made us wait for what seemed like forever!! I told José I had learned to sing to the light as I approached it, a trick I learned from our amazing Tee years ago, as we were driving to church on one of our visits to London. She laughed and was amused by this. Our last visit ended, and just minutes later she called me asking me to sing her my little song because they were stuck at that same red light again!! We laughed together as I sang the short line that I always use. That was the last time I talked to José. May God bless José and her beautiful family as well as her mom, my friend Nicole and her 3 brothers. She is greatly missed by all who were in her life.
KM 17Stephanie GregoriniVirgilia Maione
I will be running on June 12th for Virgilia Maione, my best friend's mom. She's a mother of 3. Extremely loving and has made me feel like one of her own! One of the strongest women I know. And always so happy.
KM 18Dante MastrogiuseppeZia Olga and Zio Gabe In September 1999, my great-uncle Gabriele DiVirgilio (Zio Gabe) was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although my family was devastated, his wife Olga (Zia Olga) stepped up to the plate and became Gabe’s primary caretaker and rock. Over the next 8 months, Zio Gabe endured chemotherapy and the healing process with his adoring wife at his side. Imagine their shock and surprise when Zia Olga found a lump in her breast in November of 2000. Zia Olga had to start the journey all over again; except this time, she had to be the heavyweight champion. Over the next 8 years, they endured relapses, achieved great triumphs with remissions and suffered devastating loss when Zio Gabe’s health began to deteriorate in the fall of 2007. Although Zio Gabe lost his life to cancer in March 2008, Zia Olga has been moving along in her life and faces the scarring and pain associated with the effects of chemotherapy and radiation with grace, strength and dignity.

From being a caretaker for one another, to each having their own battle with cancer, both my Zia Olga and Zio Gabe are champions! Throughout their ordeals, they were always giving thanks – to the doctors who gave them the gift of quality of life, to the nurses for their tender care and advice and for LHSC who provided unending support with counselling, car rides and help with finding service providers. Zio Gabe repeatedly said, “If we ever win millions, it’s all going to this hospital for cancer research, treatment and support for patients and their families.”

Some people might complain about the dreadful long-term side effects of cancer treatment or the cost of monthly medication (approximately $4,000). Not my Zia Olga; for her, every day is a celebration. With oxygen tank in tow, she does her best to keep a smile on her face and shows us what it means to have the determination of a true survivor. Zia Olga challenges herself every day with walking, gardening and taking the daily drive to Parkwood Institute to feed her paralyzed sister, my grandmother, Luciana Mastrogiuseppe.

When I was really little, I didn’t really comprehend or understand what cancer was or what it did to us. I just watched my aunt and uncle persevere through terrible sickness as they took this journey together. They were blessed to have a few healthy years together; those years were filled with so many laughs that my face hurt when I left their house! I guess after witnessing and experiencing the lows and highs of cancer, I know what family means to me. It means that when we suffer and we share that suffering, we feel the pain. When we experience and share joy with one another, the happiness is doubled. Zio Gabe left a legacy of love, strength and plenty of stubbornness! My Zia Olga, who will be celebrating her 14th year of remission in November, will join me and Theresa Carriere as we raise money to support cancer research and offer solutions to folks that are forced to travel the same road. If you ask me to define my Zia Olga and Zio Gabe in one word, the most suitable word would have to be: Fighter. Both looked cancer in the eye and stood up to the challenge. My fighters. My champions. My inspiration. My name is Dante Mastrogiuseppe and on June 12th, I am running for my Zia Olga and Zio Gabe.
KM 21Dina KenkelAntonietta and Pasquale Carducci – parents
I will be running in honour of my parents, Antonietta and Pasquale Carducci. Each day I miss them dearly and I am reminded of their love and the inspiring courage they embodied during their journey. On June 12, I run with their spirit that I know continues to shine in myself and my family.
KM 24Carolyn Johnson from LFPJean Johnson and Nancy Lawrence  
I am running kilometer 24 in honour of two special ladies in my life – Jean Johnson and Nancy Lawrence.

My mom, Jean Johnson, a 20 year breast cancer survivor, demonstrates grace and generosity in everything she does. She is always the first to volunteer for both organizations and to friends and family as they have struggled through their battles with cancer. Even though cancer has taken so much from her, including my dad, she approaches each day working to make other people’s lives easier and better.

Nancy Lawrence, an 11 year breast cancer survivor is a pillar of strength and perseverance. She is my workout partner and has completed an ironman triathlon, a marathon and several other running and triathlon races all after her radical mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries. She has pushed through all the pain and limitations cancer has imposed on her and finished with a smile on her face.

Both of these women are shining examples and reminders to do your very best everyday and I am so blessed to have them in my life.
KM 25Simon Davenport – Owner is Jasna MitchellVlasta Strizic  
Simon is an avid runner, and will be running kilometer #25 with Theresa in memory of Vlasta Strizic, aunt of Jasna Mitchell.

Vlasta passed away from breast cancer many years ago. She was an anesthesiologist in Croatia, and was on the first transplant team in the country with a successful kidney transplant.

Simon was inspired while cheering for Theresa during ONERUN last year and is honoured to have the opportunity to join her this year!
KM 27Dante MastrogiuseppeZia Olga and Zio Gabe  
KM 28Laura VereMickey, Cindy, Ava and Max  
KM 30Samantha IacoeNono Colizza  
KM 31Elizabeth IacoeTheresa Carriere - godmother  
KM 32Emily DobrichHelen Vasilic
Emily is running in honour of her godmother Helen Vasilic, who is a cancer survivor.
KM 33Britt TiseoDiane Haas
Brittany Tiseo is running KM#33 for two-time survivor Diane Haas: "The most caring and selfless person I know, with the most positive attitude and kindest heart."
KM 34Justin TiseoOlga DiVirgillio
Olga, a colon and breast cancer survivor, is one of the most optimistic and positive people out there! Each day for Olga is a celebration. She is thankful for the doctors who gave her a quality of life, and is thankful for the nurses who knew what to do. She is extremely thankful to LHSC who offered free counseling, car rides to appointments, and help finding service providers. Olga is a firm believer of patient care and has stayed positive throughout her rough journey! Although Olga's activity is limited to short bursts, with a smile on her face and the determination of a true survivor, Olga challenges herself everyday with walking, gardening, and taking the daily drive to the hospital to feed her paralyzed sister.
KM 35Amanda McCallumAngela Sicoly
KM 36Johanna MesjarikMom and everyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer On June 12, I’m taking part in ONERUN and will be running a kilometre in support of the many people - including my mom - who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As you may or may not know, my mom, who is my rock, go-to and best friend was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2015. This one-of-a-kind woman, who has touched many, has already completed eight rounds of chemo, just recently underwent a double mastectomy and has a summer of radiation to look forward to.

And she’s not alone. One in nine Canadian women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, while one in 29 Canadian women will die. I'm raising money to help where I can – supporting breast cancer education, research and patient care. Please consider supporting my goal to raise $1,000.
KM 37Jeff KellyMary Schultz
Jeff Kelly is running for his mother-in-law Mary Shultz.

She was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2005, months before the arrival of her first grandchild Reese. Mary and Reese were inseparable. From helping 'gammie' feel better with snuggles, to baking and shopping. The gramster loved shopping.

Mary fought through almost a record amount of chemo treatments, surgeries and drug trials in hopes of extending her life. She was able to see her second granddaughter born in 2011 -- Claire and Mary had a great bond also...she loved Claire's feisty personality and no fear approach to life.

Her 'Mary-isms" are still used today by friends and family, example - "It's a long way from your heart, you're fine", or "no can do the boo-ga-loo". A spade wasn't a spade, it was a shovel. Mary was loved for her honesty, and ability to make anyone feel welcome anytime, anywhere.

Mary Shultz passed away in January of 2012, just days before Claire's first birthday. I ran the Virgin London Marathon in 2013 in her memory, and on June 12th I'll run again. Please help me assist those whose efforts will end cancer one day...sooner, rather than later would benefit all of us I think.
KM 38Deborah TurnbullSteve Turnbull
On June 12, I am running with Theresa for a husband, brother, friend and most importantly a father, Steve Turnbull, taken from his family way too soon. My run today is not specifically about cancer but about disease. Disease that affects families for the rest of their lives and is hard to understand why such things happen in people’s lives. Events like ONERUN show that together we can do something, make a difference and fight back!
KM 39Vicky NabulsiALL 
KM 40Sonya/Scott SlavenTheresa Carriere  
KM 41Danielle Hall from Ramblers BasketballLaurie-Ann Matthews
I am running for Laurie Ann Matthews.

I so admire her strength and bravery. She has such a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humour!

She is fighter and I wanted her to know she is not alone!
KM 43Jim KlingenbergerSarah Foster  
KM 44Wendy KlingenbergerSarah Mae  
KM 45Katie ParkerMom  
KM 46Anique DaleyTheresa Carriere  
KM 47Brooke PettitKelly Rowcliffe
I’m running for my late sister Kelly Rowcliffe who passed away from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 - stage 3 locally advanced. Six weeks later the unthinkable happened in our family and her husband David Rowcliffe was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. They went through surgeries together and chemo treatments. David died in 2011. During that time I saw what a strong woman my sister had become from fighting her own battle and having to now raise two little girls by herself. She went into remission for a year and a half, then was re-diagnosed in June 2012. My sister passed away in August 2012. In that short time she taught me everything a big sister needed to teach her little sister. I run for her.
KM 49Jan Sims from CTVRosemarie Johnstone
My someONE is my late mother-in-law Rosemarie Johnstone. She was a wonderful woman – strong, supportive, and an amazing grandmother. She passed away of lung cancer a few years ago. She was mother to my husband Cal, and nana to my sons Connor and Graham.
KM 51Cindy GoodingEsther – Cindy’s mom
Cindy Gooding is running for her mom Esther who was taken away far too early.
KM 52Shari SavageTheresa, Judy, Laura, Susan, and any other woman who has had to face the disease  
KM 53Mona Hannah - ownerTheresa Carriere  
KM 54Jennifer ManinosAnna Paquin
KM 56Claire Drury (age 6)Val Drury - grandmother  
Claire has dedicated her KM to her grandmother who is a cancer survivor. She even wrote a letter to share why ONERUN is so important to her: “I’m running with Theresa for ONERUN because if I don’t run then how are people going to feel better?”
KM 57Tammy DruryJulia Medeiros
I’m running for my aunt who also shares the title of godmother, Julia Medeiros. In 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her lump removed and was in remission. Less than a year later, it was back but she wouldn't let it defeat her. She was more aggressive and underwent a double mastectomy in hopes that it never rears its ugly head again. Now, almost 5 years later, my aunt and godmother is a two-time breast cancer survivor. It is for her that I proudly run my KM.
KM 58Jenna McKeeJill McKee
Jemma McKee is running KM #58 for her mom, Jill. Jill had the Irish twinkle in her eyes and made everyone around her laugh with all their heart. Her beautiful song "Understands Isn't Here" still lives with us as does her special memories.
KM 59Lore WainwrightAnne Hagerty
Anne Hegarty was one of the kindest people that you would have ever met. Lore Wainwright is running in memory of this amazing woman who left us far too early.
KM 60Heather WenmanKeith Capson
Heather Wenman is running for her brother - Keith Capson - "My little brother Keith is an amazing person I admire. An amazing father to my three beautiful nieces & wonderful husband to my sister-in-law. You could not ask for a better brother. I miss & love him." Sister "H"
KM 61Alex McConnellDoug McConnell - grandfather
Alex is running for his Grandpa (Doug McConnell) who passed away from cancer in the fall of 2012.
KM 62Louise McConnellAlan Houghton
I will be running for my father, Allan Houghton. My dad is a cancer survivor.
KM 63Kathy Castiglioni from Sobeys North LondonNo one specific  
KM 64Lisa Colizza from Sole SistasVel Colizza  
KM 65Nicole Meta from Poag’s JewellersNicole’s mom
I am running for my Mom who has exhibited incredible strength and perseverance throughout her journey. She is my biggest inspiration and motivator to be the best that I can be.
KM 67Jason Cohen from Columbia SportswearDave Van Trigt  
KM 69Theresa RoszelSue Carriere – her mom
My mom, Sue Carriere, passed away 8 years ago this June of lymphoma. She was diagnosed in 2000 and lived 7 healthy years until the cancer spread to her brain and lungs.

She was a fun, loving and strong woman. She was an amazing mother and I know my sisters and I embrace her love she had for us in our own children and the love she had for life. She is missed dearly by her 3 daughters and husband Ken and we all are so fortunate for organizations like ONERUN.
KM 70Linda ThorburnLinda Pastushak  
KM 72Terry ZavitzMary-Anne Vanderwalle, Nancy Shaw and Susan Blanchard  
KM 73Sienna TaylorJune Isobel Merrifield  
KM 74Tyler BrownSylvia Flynn
Tyler Brown is running km 74 for Sylvia! She is a very dear friend to us and we so glad she has finished her treatments and feeling good again :)

I can’t wait to run a KM with Theresa and help more people overcome breast cancer! With everyone's we can all make a difference!!

Theresa will be coming to my school in June before her run to come talk to us and teach us another dance. I can’t wait!!
KM 75Pat HennesseyMary Hennessey  
KM 76Ben ArmstrongLois and Linda Armstrong  
KM 77Louise Amaral from VemmaSylvia O’Brien – mother
Louise Amaral will be running for her mom Sylvia O'Brien. Much love to you and your brother Robert O'Brien for sharing her memory with us on June 12.
KM 78Lauren Tries from London Life Corporate Fun RunnersMany someONEs  
KM 79Roxanne SutherlandBrenda Kerton
I’m running for Brenda Kerton...this is Brenda’s story: Cancer has helped me thrive. Mine was a fast-growing cancer that required combining chemo and radiation at the same time, followed by surgery. For me, the battle or war imagery wasn't working. I had some sadly misguided cells, but they were still part of me and I couldn’t do battle with my own body. So every night I imagined my healthy cells enveloping the sick cells and showing them how to be healthy again. That helped me realize I had not been focused on my health.

I started to re-assess what’s important to me, what brought me pleasure and joy, and I committed to having that be part of my post-cancer healthier life. I realize how lucky I am to still be here. Somehow I'm better able to find the beauty in everyday things. No one wants cancer, no one deserves cancer. Cancer treatment is just plain nasty and hard to live through. I would dearly love to see breast cancer disappear. But cancer can have a silver lining. I'm healthier physically and emotionally. I take time to have fun. I appreciate my life, my family and my friends so much more than before.
KM 80Jamie CushingGrandma Marsh  
KM 81Jennifer CushingDoris Marsh  
KM 82Ruth DerksRuth Derks and everyone that has ever been affected by cancer
Strategy Construction has sponsored Ruth Derks (owner's mother-in-law) to be the runner for Km 82. Her passion is to run and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she didn't let that stop her. Three months after having a double mastectomy she ran a full marathon in New York. We are proud of her and all her accomplishments. Her positive attitude has brought her a long way! Mom is running not just for herself, but for everyone that has ever been affected by cancer. We Love You Mom!
KM 83Dave Wainwright for Tecumseh FirebirdsLore Wainwright
Lore is so inspirational to me and so many others. Lore is extremely thoughtful and kind and is always willing to help people in need. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Lore. Many people may not know that Lore is also a cancer survivor.
KM 84Naomi Campbell from North Middlesex District High SchoolMany someONEs  
KM 85Samantha and Sydney CowanAmy
Amy is a London Rambler Basketball mom from the U13 girls team.

She was diagnosed April 25, 2014. It has been a journey but she is getting close to the end of recovery.

Sam and Syd are honoured to be running for Amy on behalf of the London Ramblers U13 girls team.

Amy was one of our loudest and most supportive fans this past season all while facing her own private battle.

We are proud to know her and support her.
KM 86Boyd DunleavyFor those who can’t run and ran for him when he was sick
I run as a fellow cancer survivor, I run for those who can't and for those who ran for me when I was sick! This is Theresa and I in 2014.
KM 87Gord Collins from Collins Family Cars IncMelanie McIsaac  
KM 89Angela MetronAunt Kristen, Great Aunt Marilyn and Grandma
Angela Metron is 11 years old. This is her second time running with Theresa. Last year, Angela raised her money by making rainbow loom bracelets and selling them. She ran for her Aunt Kristen. This year, Angela has created and sold “Joy Jars” which are decorated mason jars filled with happy thoughts that she wrote herself and with some help from her friends. This year not only is Angela running for her Aunt Kristen but she has two more loved ones she is running for as well – her great Aunt Marilyn and her Grandma. Cancer has hit Angela’s family, and she is determined to do something to help not only her someONE(s), but the countless others who have had to battle this disease.
KM 90Emily SosciaPam Forsey
Emily Soscia is a student at Oakridge High School. “I’m running for Pam, who was an amazing person, who always had a kind word and smile for everyone she met. She was an awesome mom to Emma, Jessica and Addison and a fantastic athlete – a legacy the girls are carrying on through all of their sports. We miss her warmth, friendship and laugh.”
KM 91Julia WainwrightDomenic Ussoletti
I'd like to run a KM for my Nonno Carlo because I never had the opportunity to meet him, since he died before I was born from colon cancer. I want to help with finding a cure because I don't want anyone to have that same experience.
KM 92Margo Bettger-HahnAll breast cancer patients – past, present and future  
KM 93Ruth DerksSurvivors If you are a cancer survivor, we invite you to run KM 93 with Theresa on June 12. This special KM, located at 573 Fanshawe Road East, is open to any cancer survivor who wants to take part in this year’s run.
KM 94Maria RoccaShari Elizabeth Spear
I met Shari a couple of times through her mother. Having met Shari’s mother and father through my son’s basketball was a blessing. Her mother, Shirley and father, Max, are sweet, loving, thoughtful people and have become very special friends of ours.

They unfortunately lost their daughter Shari to breast cancer recently.

I wanted to honour Shari, because even though I only met her once or twice, I can tell what a beautiful person she was. I also want her parents to know that Shari will always be remembered and that they also have our support.

This is a message to me from her mom…….

“Shari will be up in Heaven thinking about how lovely it is you would honour her in this way. I thank you so much. What a great day to plan for!”
KM 95Alana MangiarellieveryONE
I’m running to help Theresa with fundraising so we can support everyone that is sick, has been sick or has passed away from breast cancer. It’s also fun to be involved with something that can make a difference in the community.
KM 96Mackenzie CarvalhoTheresa Carriere  
KM 98Barb Rawlings from London Xray AssociatesFriends and Family of LXA past and present  
KM 99ONERUN team and JPII/Theresa CarriereAuntie Gloria Carriere