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We are ONERUN, built to help cancer fighters, and help survivors live better lives through support and community.

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Our Story
An opportunity to run for your someone.

What began as the inspiring story of Theresa Carriere and her battle with breast cancer, has evolved into an opportunity for youth and the London community to honor those who have passed and support those who are living with cancer.
A ONERUN fundraising event takes place around a track and offers a safe space for youth to express their fears, achieve a goal, and enjoy a few impromptu dance parties along the way. Students across London will mirror Theresa's one day, 100-km run. By running around the track in teams of 10, youth work together to accomplish their 100-km journey.
In May 2017, youth rallied together in London and area to demonstrate their strengths in the community and raised over $102,000 for cancer programs in the London and area community.
In total, the ONERUN team has raised over $900,000 for cancer programs since its inception in 2010, and we cannot wait to see what ONERUN 2018 has in store for us.
This is your invitation to join the ONERUN family!
Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey and let's beat cancer together!


  • Our Legacy

    In 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015, Theresa Carriere ran 100 kilometres in a single day to raise funds for breast cancer patient care and research programs. The event was called ONERUN - one survivor, one day, one hundred kilometers - and it resulted in over $750,000 being donated.

    "ONERUN has been a way for me as a mom, to protect my family from the emotional and physical pain of breast cancer. Perhaps the money we raise will be the last needed to find a cure. At the very least, it will take us all another positive step along the path.

    ONERUN also enables me to send my own message of hope to others who are fighting cancer. To show them that they too can beat it, are not alone in their fight, and they too can come back stronger than ever.

    ONERUN is also a tribute to those who have lost their battle with cancer. This is our promise to them that they and their families will not be forgotten.

    ONERUN is a tool to motivate people to run and t be active, to share my passion for fitness. Encouraging everyone to participate, all ages, all fitness levels.

    Finally, ONERUN is a celebration of life, good health, community involvement and great friends.

  • Our Journey

    You are our journey! Click here to read stories of cancer survivors and family members and friends.

  • Our Donations

    ONERUN has supported various organizations since our inception in 2010 including, Wellspring London and Region, London Health Sciences Foundation and St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation.

    To date, ONERUN has donated over $876,000 to these organizations and others.